Use the Internet to research the lottery system in your state. If your state does not have a lottery system, choose a state that does have one. Choose a particular lottery game and determine the probability of winning your state’s lottery game. Provide a rationale to support your determination. In other words, you must show your work and explain how you arrived at the probability. Make sure to view my example!  Do not choose a lottery game played in multiple states, such as Powerball & Mega Millions. Choose a game unique to your state. Under no circumstances should you copy/paste from the lottery website or any website for that matter. Doing so will result in a grade of zero (0) for the discussion. Make sure to cite your source. Lastly, odds and probability are NOT the same thing. Here is a link to help  you understand the difference between the two:http://stats.seandolinar.com/statistics-probability-vs-odds/Here are my videos for this week’s content. Do you think you should watch them? Of course you do! I think so as well.8 – Probability Multiplication Rule à https://youtu.be/P53XBBxwOwc9 – Conditional Probability & At Least One à https://youtu.be/QWrRQB8Iu6010 – Counting Rules, Combinations, & Permutations à https://youtu.be/poGRjYNPiOYPlease read my attached example for this week’s discussion question.G. Wright  Week #4 Discussion Example.docx (14.545 KB)

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