Psychology Essay-YOUNG N.

2 topics to choose from Choose one of the following to discuss using lecture notes, textbook or other academic resources. Identify and define three of Freud’s defense mechanisms. Illustrate each defense mechanism with an example drawn from personal experiences. Also, comment on whether defense mechanisms are helpful or problematic where our personalities and behavior are […]


Explain the pathogenesis causing the clinical manifestation of with which peter present. 7 1 0 K e y t e r m s acute bronchitis, 73 6 acute respiratory distress syndrome, 730 adenocarcinoma, 739 aspiration, 75 4 atelectasis, 75 2 bronchiolitis, 737 chronic bronchitis, 721 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 7 11 cor pulmonale, 74 […]

integrative case assignment

follow from rubric writing Assignment – Case 1 1 – Someone Has to Go: A Tough Layoff Decision [100 points] Read “Case 11 – Someone Has to Go: A Tough Layoff Decision” [textbook] to get started. Continue to read the assignment in the textbook but, be sure to refer to the “Rubric” as your guide […]


In this experiment, you will predict the three-dimensional geometry of a series of neutral molecules using the VSEPR theory. PROCEDURE Part 1: The Periodic Table 1. Use the Periodic Table of Elements to determine the elemental symbol, group number, and valence electrons for the elements listed in Table 1 on the Experiment 1 Data Sheet. […]

MGT164: Journal Entry for Class 5

Journal Entry for Class 5 (400 words): 1. Describe the culture of Microsoft before and after Satya Nadella’s leadership. How did growth mindset play a part in that change? 2. Talking about either Sara Blakely (Spanx) or Tony Hsieh (Zappos) from the “How I Built This” podcast, what is their leadership toolkit? You may wish […]

Wk9 Assgn

See attached. Thanks Week 9: Dissociative Disorders Have you ever been driving and realized you don’t remember the last few minutes of driving? Or have you gotten so wrapped up in a book or movie that you lose some awareness of your surroundings? These are examples of common and very mild dissociation, or a disconnect […]


Assignment: Write a research essay using at least five crediblesources Purpose: To prove your thesis with well-supported evidence and analysis **Only submit your final draft on Canvas using Turnitin** Requirements: 1,250-1,700 wds including the Works Cited page, a double-spaced typed page, and outside research of fivecredible sources. Two of the sources need to be other […]

Apply: Service System Applications

Assignment Content The purpose of this assignment is to align proper service system applications to certain industries. You will also analyze and evaluate a company’s customer service strengths and challenges. Select a company you are familiar with, such as your own employer or a public company that you know you can find customer service data […]

Business Ethics

    What is the role of ethics in society? What is the role of ethics in personal relations, market arrangements, institutions, organizations, the economy, the legal system, etc.? TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENTS: Your term paper assignment is for you to write two short essays, each of them tied one of the discussion topics we will review […]

C++ unit conversion

create a unit conversion  calculator which will calculate three different units, length, volume and mass/weight. We will first ask the  user what unit they want to convert, then we will ask what unit they are converting f rom, then we will do  the appropriate conversion. At least 4 functions. At least one function needs to […]

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