Management BZ380-What is the decision process by which customers

QuestionQuestion 1 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the decision process by which customers come to purchase consumer products?A. marketingB. segmentationC. resource managementD. consumer behaviorQuestion 2 of 405.0 PointsWhat type of variables are lifestyles, opinions, interests, and attitudes referred to as?A. geographic variablesB. demographic variablesC. psychographic variablesD. product use variablesQuestion 3 of 405.0 PointsWhat are the tangible and intangible qualities that a company builds into its products?A. featuresB. requirementsC. benefitsD. safety devicesQuestion 4 of 405.0 PointsCompanies that price their product low enough to attract a large number of buyers are most likely pursuing which of the following goals?A. stable market pricingB. high profitsC. stable market activityD. high market shareQuestion 5 of 405.0 PointsWhat type of behavior do consumers exhibit by regularly purchasing products because they are satisfied with their performance?A. psychological influencesB. need recognitionC. brand loyaltyD. emotional motivesQuestion 6 of 405.0 PointsA farmers’ market is an example of which type of distribution channel? A. direct distributionB. retail distributionC. wholesale distributionD. distribution by brokersQuestion 7 of 405.0 PointsAn online comic book store is an example of which type of intermediary?A. marketerB. sales agentC. brokerD. retailerQuestion 8 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following least describes the purpose of point-of-sale displays?A. to inform customers about the benefits of the productsB. to entice customers to buy additional productsC. to make it easier for customers to find productsD. to promote the reputation of the company offering certain productsQuestion 9 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the term for the type of competition based on buyers’ perceptions of the benefits of products offered by particular companies?A. institutional competitionB. monopolistic competitionC. forced competitionD. brand competitionQuestion 10 of 405.0 PointsWhat is selling the rights to place a brand name on products such as t-shirts referred to as?A. international brandingB. national brandingC. private brandingD. licensed brandingQuestion 11 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following terms refers to the monetary amount added to a product’s cost to the seller in order to sell it at a target profit?A. profit marginB. breakeven costC. revenueD. markupQuestion 12 of 405.0 PointsWhen a wholesaler or retailer develops a brand name and has the manufacturer place that name on the product, what is that product name called?A. national brandB. private brandC. luxury brandD. licensed brandQuestion 13 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the term for intangible products, such as time, expertise, or an activity that can be purchased?A. industrial goodsB. personal goodsC. risky assetsD. servicesQuestion 14 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following intermediaries matches numerous sellers and buyers as needed, often without knowing in advance who they will be?A. producer representativeB. retailerC. syndicated sellerD. brokerQuestion 15 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following is crucial for high-priced consumer products such as homes and cars? ?A. creative sellingB. interactive marketingC. missionary sellingD. order processingQuestion 16 of 405.0 PointsPhillip is an independent intermediary who deals in the local produce market of northeast Ohio. Over the years, he has formed long-term relationships and come to represent several farmers in the area in the sale of their produce to local grocery stores. Which of the following titles best describes Phillip’s role in the distribution mix of northeast Ohio produce?A. wholesalerB. retailerC. sales agentD. brokerQuestion 17 of 405.0 PointsBurberry is repositioning itself as a global luxury brand, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and calls for luring a different type of customer. This is an example of what type of market segmentation? ?A. geographicB. demographicC. psychographicD. product-useQuestion 18 of 405.0 PointsOdd-even pricing falls under the category of which of the following? ?A. price fixingB. psychological pricingC. market pricingD. price liningQuestion 19 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the term that encompasses a good, a service, or an idea designed to fill a consumer need?A. productB. firmC. wantD. utilityQuestion 20 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following refers to the combination of channels that a firm selects to get a product to end users?A. distribution mixB. transportation strategyC. merchandising systemD. marketing planQuestion 21 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the name of the application used for searching, sifting, and reorganizing pools of data to uncover useful information? A. data warehousingB. data accessC. data tappingD. data miningQuestion 22 of 405.0 PointsIn a __________ system, the customer is part of the system during service delivery.A. high-contactB. low-contactC. customerD. qualityQuestion 23 of 405.0 PointsWhat feature does a firewall provide?A. Internet accessB. protection from electrical surgesC. connectivity between stations in a LAND. privacy protectionQuestion 24 of 405.0 PointsWhen Dell Inc. shares information to improve the overall flow through a system composed of companies working together, it is engaging in which of the following?A. distribution chain managementB. total quality managementC. supply chain managementD. service channel analysisQuestion 25 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following best describes supply chain management?A. The principle of improving the supply chain by focusing on the slowest step in the chain.B. A limitation on the number of suppliers allowed to supply a particular company.C. The complete movement of raw materials throughout a manufacturing or service facility.D. The principle of looking at the supply chain as a whole in order to improve the overall flow through the system.Question 26 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following BEST describes enterprise resource planning? A. an information processing application for routine business activities of a company’s business unitsB. an information system for organizing and managing a firm’s activities across product lines, departments, and geographic locationsC. a system used for transforming data into information for use in decision makingD. a computer-based electronic technology that assists in designing products by simulating a real product and displaying it in three-dimensional graphicsQuestion 27 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following best describes ISO 9000? A. The concept that all employees are valuable contributors to a firm’s business and should be entrusted with decisions regarding their work.B. The redesigning of business processes to improve performance, quality, and productivity.C. A program certifying that a factory, laboratory, or office has met the quality management standards of the International Organization for Standardization.D. A certification program attesting to the fact that a factory, laboratory, or office has improved environmental performance.Question 28 of 405.0 PointsWhat system allows outsiders limited access to a firm’s internal information systems?A. intranetsB. firewallsC. extranetsD. directoriesQuestion 29 of 405.0 PointsWhat is the name of software and hardware that prevent hackers from accessing a company’s internal network?A. partitionB. firewallC. extranetD. indexQuestion 30 of 405.0 PointsWhich term refers to how well a product does what it is supposed to do?A. capacityB. consistencyC. reliabilityD. performanceQuestion 31 of 405.0 PointsWhat name is given to the process by which a company analyzes another company’s product to identify desirable improvements in its own product?A. quality reliability analysisB. benchmarkingC. performance quality analysisD. competitive product analysisQuestion 32 of 405.0 PointsWhich component directs the computer to the correct resources to use and how to use them?A. an application programB. system softwareC. an electronic spreadsheetD. a databaseQuestion 33 of 405.0 PointsWhich term describes the idea that quality belongs to each person who creates it while performing a job?A. quality controlB. quality ownershipC. quality circlesD. total quality managementQuestion 34 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following terms refers to all activities involved in getting quality products into the marketplace?A. quality controlB. quality reliabilityC. total quality managementD. performance qualityQuestion 35 of 405.0 PointsWhat system includes data conferencing and videoconferencing?A. electronic communication systemsB. electronic conferencingC. group systemsD. data communication networksQuestion 36 of 405.0 PointsWhich cybercriminal activity refers to the act of luring Internet users to bogus Web sites?A. computer virus distributionB. spammingC. phishingD. Trojan horse distributionQuestion 37 of 405.0 PointsWhat type of network links computers and workstations, usually within one building?A. satellite communicationB. global positioningC. personal digitalD. local areaQuestion 38 of 405.0 PointsWhich term refers to all the activities involved in making products—goods and services—for customers?A. operationsB. processesC. planningD. schedulingQuestion 39 of 405.0 PointsWho is the person who is in charge of operating systems for gathering, organizing, and distributing information?A. production managerB. operations managerC. information systems managerD. research and development managerQuestion 40 of 405.0 PointsWhich of the following refers to the receiving, storing, handling, and counting of all raw materials, partly finished goods, and finished goods?A. materials handlingB. inventory controlC. quality controlD. wholesaling

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