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Over the last couple of weeks, we have read about accounting and decision making. We are going to apply these concepts to your idea from week 2. Provide a cost/benefit analysis for your idea. Make sure to mention any sunk or opportunity costs involved in the implementation of this program as well as the long-term increase in projected profitability. You are permitted to use fictional numbers as far as costs go, but you should provide research to support any opportunity costs or projected profitability. You can find industry averages for various program costs and projected benefits.

This does not need to be written as a formal research paper, but all research provided does need to be cited in APA format. You may write in the first person because you are presenting your own ideas. You do not need to provide an abstract, but you do need an APA formatted title page, conclusion and reference page. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages (approx. 700 words) not including the title and reference.

This assignment should be a cost/benefit analysis based off the attached motivational Paper.

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Williams Trucking Motivational Intent

American Military Institution

Toddisharus Williams

Professor Webber

MGMT 311: Organizational Behavior

October 17, 2020

Williams Trucking Motivational Intent

Motivation is one of the basic features of a successful workforce. Increasing employee motivation is, therefore, a priority for several organizations in the 21st century. Highly motivated employees are more productive and accountable in their duties. Researchers have found out that highly motivated teams are more productive compared to teams that are not highly motivated. This paper examines various ways that I will use to increase motivation within the organization I am working for.

Motivation is an important factor that drives good performance in many organizations today. Some of the benefits of increased employee motivation include increasing organization’s productivity, boosting employee morale and reducing the rate of staff turnover (Varma, 2017; Achim, Dragolea & Balan, 2013). Many organizations experience difficulties maintaining high level of motivation. Increasing employee motivation, therefore, requires continuous efforts. There is no single approach that works consistently to increase motivation (Varma, 2017). Organizations are, therefore, required to adopt multiple strategies to improve the level of motivation.

As a chief executive officer (CEO) of Williams Trucking (my future company), there are several measures that I can implement to increase the level of motivation among the employees. Firstly, I will ensure that I create a work environment that is favorable (friendly). I will, therefore, come up with plans to make workplace more appealing. For instance, I will ensure that plants and flowers are placed in offices where employees are working. I will make sure maintenance is being kept on all the trucks and trailers.

Secondly, I will ensure that I use effective communication techniques when passing information to employees. One of the effective communication strategies that I can use is face-to-face conversation. By using face to face conversation, I will get an opportunity to inquire how the employees are progressing and ask how I can support them better. This is an indication that I value the employees. My listening skills are also of great essence. I will also ensure that any inquiries from employees is immediately acted upon and feedback provided quickly without any delay.

Thirdly, I will be at the forefront in recognizing and appreciating good performance. I will do so, by rewarding employees who execute their duties well. The rewards can be in form of money, trips, gifts, etc. The findings of various research studies indicate that rewards improve employee motivation (Varma, 2017). It has, therefore, been beyond any reasonable doubt that rewards enhance employee motivation. Rewards also boosts employee morale and strengthens employee engagement (Achim, Dragolea & Balan, 2013). Many scholars have been advocating for rewards as a way of improving employee motivation. When the employees perform well and achieve most of their goals, I will also organize a party and invite all of them so that we can celebrate the good achievements.

Fourthly, I will ensure that employees are paid well. Pay is a significant in increasing employee motivation. Employees who are paid well are highly motivated (Varma, 2017). The performance of employees will thus be improved. This will translate to improved productivity. I will, therefore, strive to ensure that employees are paid with their salaries, benefits and other allowances. I will urge the board of my company to implement a wage policy that is favorable to all employees within the company.

Another way that I will use to increase the level of motivation among employees is by prioritizing the wellbeing of employees. I will put in place measures to prevent burnout and stress among employees. The measures include giving employees enough time to relax, ensuring that there is plenty of tea, water, snacks, and bonus perks. I will also consider introducing social activities at workplace. Making expectations clear is also another way of increasing employee motivation. I will set clear achievable goals for the employees who are reporting to me. I will also develop measurable standards that will be used to evaluate employee performance. Other strategies that are effective are likely to increase employee motivation include encouraging teamwork, practicing and promoting mindfulness, sharing positive outcomes, being transparent etc.

It is evident that employee motivation is an important aspect within an organization. Therefore, many organizations are looking for various ways to improve motivation of their workforce. Motivation is important to both the employees and the organization (Achim, Dragolea & Balan, 2013). When employees are highly motivated, they are going to discharge their duties as required. The result will be the organization improving its productivity. In the long-term, the organization will achieve its strategic goals. The organization will also be able to retain highly skilled workforce.


Motivation is an important element in any organization. As indicated above, motivation is associated with several benefits that include increasing performance and productivity of employees. This will make it easy for the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Organizations should, therefore, put in place measures that are likely to increase the level of employee motivation. Some of the measures include improving communication, starting an employee-employer program, personalizing employee recognition, increasing employee responsibility, rewarding good results, and instituting a work schedule that is flexible. These measures are, therefore, likely to result in increased motivation.


Achim, I. M., Dragolea, L., & Balan, G. (2013). The importance of employee motivation to increase organizational performance. Annales universitatis apulensis: Series oeconomica, 15(2), 685.

Varma, C. (2017). Importance of employee motivation & job satisfaction for organizational performance. International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research, 6(2).

My trucking company is trying to reach a goal of successfully completing 50% of their usual monthly loads within two weeks. If this goal is met, I will be able to reward my five drivers with more days off and a bonus. There are several ways that the employees can be motivated and one of them is by giving them incentives. Giving my employees incentives means that the given target has been achieved over more than that which has been set. In most cases, the employees may feel that they are working hard not for their gains but to help the company. This is the reason why I want to align the company needs with those of the employees so that they will feel whatever it is they are doing will also benefit them and hence the motivation to make big achievements will be aroused.

            Cost-benefit analysis is in the simplest words possible defined as the procedure through which the cost of a business analysis is analyzed and even the profits that will be realized from the implementation of any business opportunity. Since the aim of every organization is to maximize profits, the cost involved should always be as low as possible. In this case, the best program to motivate my drivers was the use of financial incentives for them after they have acquired the target set. However, a good organization does not just implement ideas without a thorough evaluation of the cost and benefits of that idea.  In this case, the use of financial organizations would have one benefit and that is the increase of performance by the employees. The employees will feel that whatever it is they are doing is not for the good of the organization, but they will also benefit from it too, which will be enough to motivate them. More to this, they will be able to embrace teamwork and work together towards the achievement of the company’s goal. This is because after the financial incentive will only be given if all the employees deliver quality and not just one employee. The use of financial incentives has its disadvantages. The first one being the employees might not look at the quality of work they are delivering but rather, they will begin to focus on the quantity they are delivering so that they will reach the target and get incentives.

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