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marine environment is vastly different from our terrestrial world.  Almost all marine creatures have a unique adaption which has enabled them to prosper in their specific environment.Research and describe the adaption or skill of your chosen creature to your classmates. In the Discussion Title, type the name of the selected marine animal.Examples are the bioluminescent lure present on the deep sea anglerfish made famous in the movie “Finding Nemo” or my personal favorite, the infamous euryhaline capability of the Bull shark.  If you don’t know what euryhaline means, you should. Discover your own creature – there a vast number available.You shall be assessed on the following:Your initial response should be posted at least three days before the due date.The initial post should fully address and describe all aspects of your marine animal.The initial post should be at least 200 words with attention to spelling and grammar.The initial post should include photographs and/or short video clips.The initial post should have at least two website links.Respond to at least two other students to discuss and ask questions about their marine animal.

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