Response to discussion question

Research questionIs there a statistically significant difference in the mean income between males and females?Null hypothesisH0: There is no statistically significant difference in the mean income between males and females.Research designThe research design that would align with this test is experimental designs. The type of experimental design appropriate for this question is a within-subject design.  This is because; each subject was tested in each condition. VariablesThe variables used in this case are the dependent variable and the factor variables also called the independent variable. The dependent variable was taken as income while the factor variable was taken as gender. In a One-way ANOVA, we must have independent categorical variables in this case gender which must also be the factor variable and the dependent variable must be continuous as we have income in this case(Klingenberg, 2016). Thus, these variables were chosen since they met these requirements. Dependent variableThe dependent variable is the variable to be explained, in this assignment this is the Income of the Respondent.This variable is measured by a number of dollars that a Respondent earns.Independent variable The independent variable is the cause of the dependent variable; in this case, it is the Sex of the Respondent (Kass, Eden, & Brown, 2014).This variable is not measurable since it is categorical.Significance and strength of effectSignificance was found in this t-test.  Since the P-value was found to be 0.00, the strength of the effect is very strong. In other words, it is a perfect effect.  Lay audience, and answer to the research question.My hypothesis question was that there is no statistically significant difference in the mean income between males and females. The output from the data proved this to be an incorrect hypothesis. The results indicated that men and women have different income.  Men earn significantly higher than women (Laureate Education, 2016h).Below is the SPSS output for the Study.ReferencesKass, R. E., Eden, U. T., & Brown, E. N. (2014). Analysis of variance. In Analysis of Neural Data (pp. 361-389). Springer New York.Klingenberg, B. (2016). ANOVA: Analysis of variance. Retrieved from Education (Producer). (2016h). One-way ANOVA demonstration [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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