Psychology Essay-YOUNG N.

2 topics to choose from

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Choose one of the following to discuss using lecture notes, textbook or other academic resources.

Identify and define three of Freud’s defense mechanisms. Illustrate each defense mechanism with an example drawn from personal experiences. Also, comment on whether defense mechanisms are helpful or problematic where our personalities and behavior are concerned.


Select a movie you’ve seen (or a book you have read) whereby the main character fits one of the psychological disorders mentioned in the chapter on psychological disorders. Write a synopsis of the movie (do NOT use a movie review as your synopsis) or book and identify the disorder of the main characters. Then, describe in details the behaviors the character displayed in the movie or book to clearly illustrate the psychological disorder in which the character suffers.

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1.5 to 2 pages in total. Paper must include: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.

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