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Math is a fundamental subject that is concerned with the study of numbers. Numbers can be classified into natural numbers, integers, decimals, and fractions. The study of mathematics is mainly concerned with operations that can be applied to numbers. These operations can either be unary or binary. Operations such as trigonometric functions and negation are unary since they involve a single value. On the other hand, the basic operations which include addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division are binary operations since they involve two values. Mathematics is very basic and is therefore introduced at preschool. It is then learned continually throughout the academic journey.

The applications of the knowledge mathematics provide students in real life are enormous; the basics of mathematics are applied in almost all other fields. For instance, you find that math has a huge influence on business studies, computer and technology, engineering, economics, physics, and a series of many others. To this effect, we can all agree that mathematics plays a key role in the success of the world today and the future. To enable, upcoming leaders, business people, managers, and all-important persons who will propel the world in the future, acquire the necessary skills and capability, it is our utmost responsibility to facilitate, teach, and motivate our students by all means possible.

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