Film Festival Project

MUST BE ALL ORIGINAL WORKCreate a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal for a themed film festival. The theme could be anything from a specific genre, like the Western, to a topic, such as LGBTQ representations, to a specific time period, and everything in between.Design this film festival for the University students; keep in mind your audience.Part 1Identify and explain your theme. What is the justification for this focus?Part 2Identify three films that will serve as the main event for the festival. Each film must relate back to the theme. In your justification, use specific scenes, rather than general plot summary, from each movie.Compare and contrast the movies to each other to effectively explain how they relate to your chosen theme. In this section, consider all that was discussed throughout the semester, including but not limited to: cinematography, sound and music, editing, narrative, genres, history, and film theory.Part 3Include the rationale for your proposed film festival.Why do University of Phoenix students need to examine this theme?What will students learn?What new knowledge will be gained?Why is this important?Reference The Film Experience, and feel free to go outside of the textbook for other resources. Pictures and other pertinent graphics are welcome.  Minimum of three sources required. Two direct quotes also required.Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.DISCUSSION QUESTIONS/POSTS***Reminder: Participation is based on substantive posts that must include your choice of quotes from the learning activity, text, inclusion of a relevant YouTube clip, or link to a relevant film analysis Website not listed in our course. Each post must be a minimum of 150 words not including quotes or links. While such citations are required, a formal reference is not. ****CHAPTER 111.       How has this class changed the way you will watch films? Describe your new approach to movie appreciation. Provide at least one citation (do not just list the Phillips book. Include chapter, page number, direct quote, or another reputable website such as Dirks, etc.) from any resource that helps defend your response.2.       Explain the Evolution of Film Theory3.       Explain Classical Film Theories: Formalism and Realism.4.       Define Poststructuralism and give examples.CHAPTER 125.       Please share with the class one current all-time favorite film?  Provide one clip from YouTube that you feel best represents the best production value of the film out of any category discussed in this class. Discuss with one another this best production value, it’s strengths, perhaps firsts, or what makes it so unique. Then in one final sentence in a third person voice, explain why you would recommend this film to anyone?6.       What are the Elements of the Analytical Essay and their purpose?7.       Explain Elements of a Film Essay?8.       How does Hollywood conceptualize sexuality?The old adage is “Sex sells.” Is this true of Hollywood films?THIS IS THE BOOK WE ARE USING IN CLASS:Corrigan, T. & White, P. (2015). The film experience (4th Ed). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

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