Week 2 Assignment- Research Paper OutlineDUE: Thursday Apr 13, 2017 11:55 PM BEFORE midnight CSTAssignment Instructions:Your final research paper will be based on a topic of your choice related to an aspect of cross-cultural management examined in this course (see list provided). First, you will choose a company that is involved in global cross-cultural management. This assignment requires that you explore a key aspect of cross-cultural management, and prepare a substantive outline detailing the program that you intend to design, develop, implement, and maintain for the benefit of the organization identified. Examples could be: cultural training for expatriate employees; diversity training for employees; global leadership, etc. Conduct your academic research in the APUS Library, and you may also use the readings assigned in the class to supplement your research. Prepare an outline with bullet points of the topics, subtopics, theories and concepts that you plan to ultimately cover in your research paper. In addition, please refer to the reference below for more information on research paper outlines. This assignment is worth 5 percent of your grade. Research Paper Topics:1. Global executive leadership2. Cross-cultural management3. Global team development4. Operating in a global environment5. Leadership conflict resolution in a global context6. International culture7. Inter-cultural communication practices8. International ethics and corporate strategies9. Global HR strategies for a 21st century workplaceYou may contact your professor for consideration of a topic not on this list.Reference:Purdue Online Writing Lab (n.d.). Four main components for effective outlines. Retrieved from Doctor Mitch here is the instructor and an sample outline from another course. It need to be exactly just like this and you have to use our APUS library for Journals, Peer-Reviews and Scholars. Login in to: on your right-hand side click on APUS then put username: 4688534 Password: Purple1234 please make sure that the “P”is captalized and then click on course in the upper-left hand corner then scroll down until you see MGMT 610 Cross-Culture Management course click on that and then lookfor the class library on the left-hand side closer towards the bottom of the page. Please make sure that you check for spelling, grammar and punucuations. 12-Font, Times-Romans, Double-Spaced, Cover Page, References page and an Abstract of a 150 words or more. Please choose from one of the following topics above and let me know which one. Thank you so much. I highly appreciate all of your help with this MGMT 610 Cross-Culture Management Week 2 Assignment. I am including an sample outline for you from an previous class. That should be a great BIG help to you as well.~Michelle

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