Communications Paper–FOR GemSTAR

CST 110 Introduction to CommunicationSTAGE 3: Interview Assignment:The Stage 3 assignment for this course involves setting up and conducting an interview with an expert communicator. Your purpose is to find out what she or he thinks about Communication Excellence (i.e., a definition, examples, steps to greater excellence, etc.) in her or his area of expertise. The interview should be at least 15 minutes in length. Your findings will be submitted on Blackboard in a typed 2-page minimum paper using MLA format.The requirements are as follows:1.    Contact the person ahead of time and establish a dedicated appointment where you can ask questions related to Communication Excellence. An expert is someone who has extensive work experience or is recognized by his or her peers as an expert in a specific field of work.2.    Create a list of questions ahead of time related to what you what to find out. Questions may be related to various parts of the communication process that apply to our class: verbal and nonverbal communication, good versus bad listening skills, method of communicating using voice (tone, volume, etc.). or questions may be related to that person’s area of expertise in terms of how communication plays a role in her or his job.3.    You may decide to conduct the interview using note-taking or some kind of recording method. If technologically-recorded, be sure to get the interviewee’s permission first. Interviews can be conducted in person or electronically through Skype, smartphone, etc.4.    After you complete your interview, be sure to thank the person for his or her time. Then you are to type up a 2-page minimum paper of the communication summary from the interview. I do NOT want a transcript of the questions and answers. I want to see an overall summary of what you learned about communication excellence from your interview. See the rubric on Blackboard for specific criteria.5.    Remember, your submission should follow the MLA stylebook for format. The deadline for turning in this assignment is midnight on Sunday of Week 5.  I will deduct points for not following MLA format, and for spelling and grammar errors. Be sure to proofread your submitted assignment.6.    Submit your assignment on Blackboard. Go to the Course Content link on the left menu. Then click the Week 3 folder and then the Week 3 Assignments folder. You will find instructions for attaching your Stage 2 Assignment there.

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