COM208 Unit 5 quiz 2017 (100% Answer)

QuestionQuestion 1 Brad doesn’t stop by to see Angelina for a couple of days to see how she will respond. This most likely took place in the _______________ stage of the relationship.Answers:a. contactb. bondingc. involvementd. intimacyQuestion 2 According to research, how long does it take us to decide if we want to pursue a relationship?Answers:a. 4 daysb. 10 minutesc. 1 dayd. 4 minutesQuestion 3 Justin and Jessica announced their engagement at a party on a Friday night. They are in the ______________ stage of the relationship.Answers:a. intimacy—interpersonal commitmentb. involvement—intensificationc. intensifying—testingd. intimacy—social bondingQuestion 4 The degree of personalness to which you pursue topics is known asAnswers:a. relational dialectics theory.b. depth.c. breadth.d. social penetration theory.Question 5 Sari is a huge fan of comedian and actor Chris Rock. She follows him on Twitter and Facebook, watches all his movies and has even written him letters. Sari has a(n) ______________ relationship with him.Answers:a. friendshipb. parasocialc. acquaintanced. pseudo-intimateQuestion 6 When a relationship deteriorates, the breadth and depth often reverse themselves, a process known as _____________________Answers:a. relationship deterioration.b. depenetration.c. dissolution.d. intrapersonal dissatisfaction.Question 7 Barbie and Ken have been acting awkwardly around each other lately. They’ve both noticed a lot more conflict and they haven’t been spending as much time together like they used to. Barbie and Ken are in the ______________ stage.Answers:a. deteriorationb. disintegrationc. dissolutiond. avoidanceQuestion 8 In the ____________ stage of relationships, you begin to share each other’s social networks.Answers:a. involvementb. intimacyc. contactd. repairQuestion 9 The number of topics about which individuals communicate isAnswers:a. social penetration.b. width.c. breadth.d. depth.Question 10 The first stage of deterioration isAnswers:a. interpersonal dissatisfaction.b. intrapersonal dissatisfaction.c. communication depenetration.d. interpersonal deterioration.Question 11 A theory concerned with relationship development from the superficial to the intimate levels and from few to many areas of interpersonal interaction isAnswers:a. social penetration.b. relational bonding maxim.c. relational dialectics theory.d. interpersonal bonding.Question 12 In ____________ stage, ex-partners begin to look upon themselves as individuals rather than halves of the pair.Answers:a. interpersonal dissatisfactionb. dissolutionc. deteriorationd. testingQuestion 13 An analysis of the costs and rewards in a relationship take place in the ___________ theory of relationships.Answers:a. attractionb. rulesc. social exchanged. social penetrationQuestion 14____________ theory claims that you develop and maintain relationships in which the ratio of your rewards relative to the costs is approximately equal to your partner’s.Answers:a. Social exchangeb. Attractionc. Social penetrationd. EquityQuestion 15Which of the following is NOT an example of a cost in a relationship?Answers:a. paying for dinnerb. listening to a typoe of music which you strongly dislikec. giving up time with friendsd. all of the above could be considered costs

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