the annotated bibliography will be used to build the Literature Review in Week Three and further to support the Final Project. Each peer-reviewed article, scholarly source, or credible source that you cite must engage at least one of the bulleted topics below. Further, each of the topics must be addressed at least once, with respect to your 10 chosen articles. The sources you identify for this assignment should address the following:

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  • Explain the scientific techniques used in processing evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murder case.
  • Examine the ethical issues pertaining to the collections, storage, and analysis of the Williams’s case evidence.
  • Analyze the legal issues regarding the use of forensic testing in that case.
  • Evaluate the scientific techniques used in processing evidence found at the Williams’ crime scenes.

For this annotated bibliography, you will research a minimum of 10 sources in total, including at least one each of the following types: peer-reviewed articles, scholarly sources, and credible sources that are considered to have reliable information. (Credible sources exclude popular news sources, e.g., Newsweek, Time, People, The New York Times, any television news source, and online open-sourced materials like Wikipedia.) At least six of your sources must have been published within the last 10 years, with at least three from the Ashford University Library.

The Annotated Bibliography must include the following for each source.

  • Create a complete APA-formatted reference entry.
  • Create an annotation that summarizes the information provided in the full article that is 100 to 150 words per annotation.

    Address the following elements while synthesizing this information.

  • The author(s)
  • The purpose of the article (e.g., An experimental study was completed investigating the interaction of short-term memory and attention.)
  • A description of the subjects of the article
  • Conclusions drawn from the article
  • Contributions to the literature (e.g., new findings, applications, etc.)
  • The relevance to the Final Project

The Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders Case Study Annotated Bibliography

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  • Must include a title and references pages formatted according to APA style
  • Must use at least 10 scholarly and/or credible sources, six sources published within the last ten years, and at least three from the Ashford University Library.

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